You are a leader in an assisted living community. We provide a development pathway to look at and learn from what researchers have to say about what it means to live a good life. Not only in your workplace but also at home.


    Transformational leadership begins with understanding what it is to grow as a person. Breakfast Club Collective  (BCC) has a foundation directed in the belief "Resilient" is already who we are as human beings AND it can be cultivated. The pursuit of excellence grounded in integrity will take our leadership to a higher level.


                                                                           initiates our program.


    Upon completion of the breakfast club, participants are eligible to continue in our learning pathways, an on-line membership program for leadership development. Completion of our self-paced learning signifies a level of thinking qualifying you as a leader and member of the breakfast club collective (BCC). 

    At this point you will understand what it means to Know, Live and Inspire the promises of the Collective.

    Not one person on their own can meet the high expectations of providing a healthy living environment as stewards in our assisted living communities. We need each other to reach our highest potential as providers for seniors living in the environment we offer to them and their families, along with the teams we put in place for their care. There are expectations attached to being a leader. Some expectations are verbalized and some surround us in silence. Even so, all will influence the perception of who we are.

    Our conversations and how we are perceived by others matter. 





    the Promises of





    Susan K. Beley, RN, CAPP, MBA


    • Associate of Science in Nursing

           R.N.  Long Beach City College  


    • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

           BIOLA University 

    • Masters in Business Administration-HealthCare Emphasis

           University of California Irvine

    About Me:





    • Career Executive Director in Assisted Living

    • Interim Executive Director in the United States

    • Workshop Trainer/One on One Leadership Coaching/Program Creator

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